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Sarah JacobTangolia founder, Sarah Jacob, woke up one day to discover that at some point along the way, she says, “my soul had vacated my life”.

She had earned a B.S. in Finance and was a corporate climber through her twenties; she rose to become a portfolio manager for one of the nation’s largest private equity firms and managed a billion dollar portfolio of assets.

She had every measure of conventional success, but she wasn’t actually happy. She left her job and city and traveled around the world for a year and a half. Her newfound love of Argentine tango set her itinerary and she went wherever the invitations sent her. The answers to her big questions were unlocked in a word: Connection.

After taking a journey into the beyond, she settled in Kingston, NY, a little piece of paradise between the Hudston River and the Catskill Mountains. She started a new life from scratch: one based on a personal definition of success, which weaves balance, freedom, and aliveness together into a dance of connection.

Today Sarah spends part of her time consulting as an outside Chief Financial Officer for small businesses, and she partners with clients to support them in making strategic business decisions. She also gives talks and workshops on connection through her organization called Tangolia, founded in 2014.

Traveling as a tango gypsy at a time of questioning in her life and career, Sarah found that tango offered a rich metaphor for life. Like a martial art, tango is a mindful movement practice that requires the dancer to be calm, alert, and present. She found her balance on the dance floor and then applied it to her life.

To anyone who will listen, she will say, “Seek connection and your path will lay itself down at your feet. You could walk down the path, but while we’re here, we should dance!”

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