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Sarah JacobTangolia SMJ is an organization founded by entrepreneur and dancer Sarah Jacob. Sarah designs engaging and illuminating experiences of connection for corporate events. She weaves together concepts from positive psychology and leadership development, bringing ideas to life using the language and movement of Argentine tango.

Who is this for?

  • Corporate groups who want to forge new and deeper connections among its members.
  • Event planners who want to add a fun, unique, and dynamic energy to a corporate event.
  • Conference and retreat organizers who want an entertaining and educational piece within their event.
  • Leaders who want more cohesion, openness, and idea sharing within their organization.
  • Organizational development consultants who want to bring a unique new offering to the clients they serve.

What’s good about it?

Tangolia participants open up to greater possibilities for collaboration, risk-taking, trust, and leadership. They leave with a framework for connection that clarifies which type of connection to seek in order to solve a given challenge.

Participants get a fresh perspective on how connection impacts their lives and work. Connection leads to more engagement and innovation within organizations.

No matter what your organization is doing, connection is where the work begins and ends; it begins with connection within the organization and ends with connection to customers and other outside stakeholders. Wild success and major impact grow out of a culture of connection.

Why Tangolia?

Tangolia founder, Sarah Jacob, woke up one day to discover that at some point along the way, she says, “my soul had vacated my life”.

She had earned a B.S. in Finance and was a corporate climber through her twenties; she rose to become a portfolio manager for one of the nation’s largest private equity firms and managed a billion dollar portfolio of assets.

Read more about Sarah.

What is Tangolia’s mission?

To spread this message: Connection is the central force determining the sense of meaning and happiness in our lives.

Event organizers, please contact us to add a unique and inspirational experience for your group or organization.