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All of our talks and workshops are customized to meet your needs. Tell us who you are and what you want to accomplish, and we’ll design the perfect connection experience for your audience.

60-minute Keynote

Sarah Jacob at TEDx Long DockSarah engages audiences in a truly memorable experience. She weaves information from positive and social psychology together with dynamic Argentine tango performance to bring the concepts to life. Audience members get to experience a new paradigm in presentation that goes beyond the mind (and beyond PowerPoint) and integrates the power of a moving artform, music, and the body. Keynotes have interactive elements so that rather than passive listening, there is a shared experience and engagement. This is education plus entertainment at its best!

Sarah’s warm and welcoming style immediately creates connection with the audience. She shares funny and poignant personal stories from her experience in the corporate world and as a tango gypsy. Audience members walk away feeling inspired, informed, and opened up to new possibilities for connection in their lives and work.

Two-hour Workshop

Tangolia Workshops Make People HappyIn our playful Tangolia workshops, participants are guided through fun and easy movement while learning new and interesting information about connection. We don’t TEACH tango, we use tango concepts to get people into an experience of connection in a simple and approachable way. We understand that people come in with fear, uncertainty, and all kinds of barriers to connection, movement, and dance. That’s normal! We carefully craft the workshop to melt those barriers at the beginning, putting people at ease. One of our mantras: “Stay open, choose to connect.”

Participants quickly begin to laugh and loosen up. We ascend through the arc of the four types of connection in tango: connection to self, to a partner, to community, and to the music. As in our keynotes, we share research from positive and social psychology, leadership development, organizational development, and interpersonal neurobiology. We also integrate principles from ancient philosophies such as yoga, buddhism, and taoism. Argentine tango is much more than a dance, it is a mindful movement practice that elevates one’s consciousness.

Each module of connection sparks insights, and we encourage sharing throughout. Everyone is engaged as the energy builds through the course of the workshop. Participants leave feeling energized and equipped with a new understanding of the importance of connection in one’s life and work and how to apply what they’ve learned to make an immediate positive change.

Half-day Workshop

All of the principles of the two-hour workshop apply, but with more time, we dive more deeply into each of the four types of connection: connection to self, to a partner, to community, and to the music. We share more research and information in each module, do more exercises, and have more sharing and feedback among participants. We dissolve people’s fears and barriers early on, so the half-day workshop really allows us to sink in, learn, play, connect, and be impacted by this rich experience.

It usually takes another half day to get people out of the room after these workshops because they are talking, buzzing and alive with energy and the joy of connection!

Event organizers, please contact us to add a unique and inspirational experience for your group or organization.